Optimal IVF is founded on the unique knowledge and experience of our science and business team members, who have come together to offer you a range of services to the IVF industry. Our cumulative experience in IVF covers 50 years laboratory work in over twenty IVF units in six countries.


We have experience in all aspects of IVF ranging from advice on relatively simple subjects such as device selection for vitrification to the planning, project managing, implementation and commissioning of whole IVF units.

With this wealth of experience we have developed novel and innovative methodologies to assist you in managing, regulating and improving success rates in your unit.
We offer a range of specialist services developed through our unique understanding of the needs of IVF clinics worldwide. Our areas of expertise include consultancy, competency analysis using our unique benchmark system, computer witnessing (trusty™) a sample comparison database, training and recruitment.
Feel free to give us a call or drop us a note to discuss any area that you feel we may be of assistance with.